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Introducing the 1st AI generated financial news feed

A highly requested and ground breaking new feature just went live. We now offer AI generated financial news feeds, featuring ONLY the highest impact red flags for the companies you care about.

Check out our new home page.

 Bedrock home page w red flags of select companies.

The Hudson Labs news feed automatically curates high impact information from S-1s, 8-Ks, 10-Ks, 10-Qs, 20-Fs, NT forms and SEC comment letters. We only display information that is rated High Risk by our machine learned algorithms. The news feed is powered by our newly updated models and boasts an incredibly low false positive rate.

Feed Features:

1. View a feed of Management Turnover flags only or Restatements, Cash flow & credit etc., depending on your focus.

2. Filter the feed for only companies in your area of interest e.g. Technology companies with $1B+ in market cap. Find filter options are available on the top right.

3. Monitor your portfolio.

  • The My Portfolio tab shows recent, high impact flags for companies saved in your portfolio watchlist.

  • Update your portfolio by visiting the Watchlist page.

4. Monitor SPACs only.

  • Select “SPACS only” under the sectors filter.

  • Note that SPACs are excluded from the feed by default. Deselect the toggle to include SPACs in your feed.

Interested in SPACs? Explore the DWAC (Trump SPAC) S-1 that came out on Friday.

Miss the old 8-K newsfeed? 8-K specific red flag feeds are now available here: 8-K Screening,

Company Screening is now lightning fast.

Find your next great idea in minutes instead of hours. Hudson Labs Risk Scores are early signals, allowing you to identify the next big loser before the rest of the market.

Don’t forget to use our screening tools to your advantage. For instance…

  • Increase the Risk Score threshold to 70 to narrow your list.

  • Sort or filter by dollar volume to view your most liquid options.

  • Filter for companies with new "Cash flow & credit" red flags in the last three months (see below)

screening tool sorts by risk score, mkt cap, sector, etc.


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