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Media Requests & Data Pulls

Hudson Labs can help with data requests related to language in SEC filings, earnings transcripts, and related to the evolution of risk among U.S. publicly listed companies. Due to the small size of our team, kindly only make requests for stories that are scheduled to be published in the next 2-3 weeks.

Available Hudson Labs data on request:

Material weakness and/or going concern warning (bankruptcy risk) data


SEC activity and trends

This could include the number of comment letters, or new enforcement actions, for instance.

SEC filing timing and trends


Auditor and audit partner data and trend analysis

Company name and/or sector change data

Other qualitative data found in SEC filings

Other qualitative data could include management turnover, related party transactions, accounting policy changes etc.

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Expert interviews with the Hudson Labs team:

Ask Suhas Pai, CTO about AI research, applied AI in finance, NLP, large language models, AI ethics, and model bias.

Ask Kris Bennatti, CEO about fraud, forensic analytics, audit and the role of auditors, the role of shortsellers, securities regulation, internal controls, and text analytics.


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