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New Hudson Labs market intelligence features

Hudson Labs market intelligence platform is a new, feature-rich equity research platform, driven by the Hudson Labs proprietary AI models you already know and love.

Unique alpha-generating data coverage, only available here:

Faster consumption of better data:

  • Red flags are now condensed into concise summaries for ease and speed of consumption. Plus we improved accuracy and completeness, so you can rest easy.

  • View our new and improved red flag feeds here. The company page also provides a timeline view. For instance, see the timeline of Peloton’s executive turnovers here.

More functionality:

  • Easily export screens to spreadsheets, filings and background memos to PDF, and copy earnings call summaries to clipboard.

  • Filter using fine-grained subsectors

Login using your existing username and password at

The original dashboard is still available at for your convenience.

Where to find popular features on HL market intelligence:

Company-specific forensic risk scores can be accessed on the company page here and recent 10-K red flags can be found here. Risk score screening can be found here for companies with a score of 60+. This screen is now sortable by the change period-over-period.


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