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Non-timely filings - Hudson Labs datasets

Non-timely forms e.g. NT 10-Ks are filed when a company is unable to meet the filing deadline set by the SEC. Non-timely forms may be an indicator of internal distress and therefore often cause or precede stock price declines. Issuers must provide an explanation for why they are filing late, however, these explanations are not always detailed or clear.

Hudson Labs provides a succinct, factual, AI-generated summary of the reason provided by the issuer for why the filing will be late. We also provide details on the number of times an issuer has been late and why, as well as a list of the most frequently delinquent filers. 

Coverage universe: U.S. issuers filing an NT 10-K or NT 10-Q

Coverage initiation date: Jan 1, 2019

Screen for non-timely issuers and repeat offenders:

Explore companies that file late on the "Ideas" page of the Hudson Labs platform.

Screen inclusion criteria: Companies that have filed at least one NT 10-K since 2019 and are considered to be active issuers. We define an "active issuer" as a company that has filed a quarterly report or 8-K at least once since Jan 1, 2023.

Data dictionary:

Display name


NT's filed since 2019

Count of non-timely forms (NT 10-K or NT 10-Q) filed since 2019 

Most recent NT explanation

Summary of the explanation provided in the most recent non-timely form

Most recent NT form

Date of the most recent non-timely form

Company page - Non-timely view

Non-timely filing information for a specific company can be found under the “Red flags” menu on the company page.

Notifications and summaries of non-timely forms via feed and email:


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