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Top investment research tools according to Herb Greenberg

Herb is a legend. You might know him from his time at CNBC, his work at Pacific Square Research or from the multiple frauds he’s uncovered. You can now find Herb at Empire Research where he writes a monthly newsletter.

We asked Herb about his favourite equity research tools on this list. Here they are his top picks:

  • Seeking Alpha premium: Herb likes Seeking Alpha for the quick data tools and bull/bear ideas as a “first level sweep” of other opinions if he is researching an idea. He says that the secret is to read the comments under the analysis.

  • PACER: Herb uses PACER for legal analysis. “This is research 101, and is ridiculously cheap.”

  • Yahoo! Finance: It’s a classic and a habit that’s hard to quit, especially for fast charts, according to Herb.

  • WhaleWisdom: Herb uses WhaleWisdom to figure out who’s coming into and out of positions in stocks of interest. “There’s a surprising amount here for free, which I shouldn’t say…because now they’ll start charging for it.”

  • Hudson Labs fka Bedrock “Bedrock AI is a brilliant screening tool to help QUICKLY sift through filings to help avoid or spot unpleasant surprises in longs while helping to jumpstart the process of finding shorts. It has rapidly become a valuable part of my toolbox.

Bedrock  red flags in timeline view

  • Kailash Concepts: According to Herb, Kailash has fantastic quant tools and innovative research.

  • New Constructs: Herb loves the quant tools. He notes, “the free research is out-of-the box. I’ve trialed the paid service and would keep it in the mix if I could afford it.”

  • Sentieo: Herb uses Sentieo “aggressively” to compare / search filings, transcripts, etc. It’s his main paid research tool and he’s on it constantly.



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