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Top SEC filing & red flag notification services

If you've signed up for investor relations emails, you risk missing important company news. Company updates are often filed directly with the SEC through a website called EDGAR and are not press released. This is especially new for negative news that the company would prefer not to publicize. The following tools help you track SEC filings and the red flags you may be missing.

Hudson Labs - Hudson Labs provides real-time, AI-generated news sourced directly from SEC filings. See high-impact news before it hits the traditional media. Sign up for the email notification services to get SEC filing notifications and top red flags straight to your inbox.

Bedrock AI notable filings

footnoted - footnoted is known for the "Friday Night Dump", a newsletter that aggregates the most interesting corporate disclosure filed after 4pm on a Friday.

Footnoted Friday night dump newsletter

Dudil - Dudil writes company-specific articles about red flags found in securities filings.

You can also sign up to receive SEC filing notifications on Bloomberg, S&P CapIQ and other similar market research tools. Find a list of low cost Bloomberg alternatives here. For more tools and resources, see "The complete list of free & paid investment research tools".


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