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Bespoke AI-driven requests now available to customers

Hudson Lab’s AI-driven topic coverage is growing quickly. Some of our AI-driven data pulls are currently only available on request, as we work on providing these features and datasets through the web platform.

Need to answer a question that would be easier to answer with the help of AI? When key word searches and generalist models fail, rely on Hudson Labs specialized AI.

We see teams spending weeks on research and idea generation tasks that can be solved in a few hours using specialized AI.

Here are a examples of requests we have received that could not have been satisfied using either keyword searches or a generalist AI model:


  • Companies with increasing guidance related to [insert any KPI here] or record performance related to [insert any KPI here]

  • Companies with plans to increase (or decrease) headcount this quarter

  • Companies with a “strong” artificial intelligence strategy, measured using HL AI models


  • Companies with a related party transaction impacting revenue or cost of sales

  • Executives or directors who previously worked at bankrupt companies

  • New or increasing factoring arrangements

  • Supply chain financing changes

  • SEC comment letters referencing revenue recognition or accounts receivable

General research:

  • Pulling non-GAAP definitions across all companies in a specific sector

  • Identifying all disclosed competitors, peers and "reverse peers"

Interested in seeing a full list of our current coverage? Reach out here or if you are already a customer, reach out directly to your HL account executive.

Access information disclosed across multiple content sources

Our backend content library now includes:

  • Earnings call transcripts - now available within 2 hours of the call with detailed tagging e.g. outlook statements, KPI tagging and more

  • Presentation/conference transcripts

  • Proxy statements - we offer management biography tagging and more

  • Annual and quarterly statements (10-K, 10-Q, 20-F)

  • Prospectus/registration statements (S-1)

  • Press releases including external litigation announcements

Ad hoc AI projects are now included in your subscription

All customers with a tier II+ Hudson Labs subscription are encouraged to take advantage of this perk. Not sure if this applies to you? Reach out to your HL account executive to confirm. Not yet a customer? Book a demo here.

We are offering one ad hoc request per quarter on a complimentary basis. Additional or complex requests are available for an added fee. Due to increased demand, please allow up to two weeks to receive your requested data


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