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Coming this spring: New proprietary data coverage & a new web platform

In conjunction with our rebrand, Hudson Labs is launching a new web platform and in doing so, making new and improved proprietary datasets available to you.

New proprietary datasets launching this spring

  • Customer dependence - Customer concentration disclosure extracted by HL models and summarized across all 10-Ks.

  • Headcount outlook - Track headcount plans disclosed in earnings calls e.g. plans to hire, fire and freeze by sector and over time.

  • Executives and directors with blemished pasts - HL now identifies management biographies in proxy statements. We identify executives and directors who disclose experience at previously bankrupt companies and companies that were the subject of a short report in the last four years.

  • Competitors, peers and reverse peers - HL extracts peers and competitors from 10-Ks and proxy statements and provides a reference for instances where the company has been listed as a competitor by another company (reverse peers/competitors).

And more…

Improved datasets

  • Goodwill impairment

  • Executive turnover

  • Related party risk

And still more…

We’re building a new web platform which makes it easier to share our new datasets with you, as they go live on our backend.

The new web platform going live in April, 2024

  • A simplified and more robust user experience

  • More idea generation functionality

  • Quick access to new datasets

Current customers will have access to both platforms and all datasets. The data on our current platform will be transitioned to the new platform in stages so it will exist in both places, but we do not currently have plans to sunset access.

An initial version will go live in April. We will continue to publish new datasets over the course of the year.

And remember, Hudson Labs now offers complimentary data pulls once per quarter. You can find a copy of that announcement here.


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