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Management Teams with Past Bankruptcy

Hudson Labs propriety AI models can now identify management biographies in proxy statements (DEF 14A), facilitating facilitates a unique analysis of executive and director experience with previous bankruptices

Some highlights from a recent data pull*

  • FLOWSERVE CORP ($FLS): The chair, CFO and CAO all previously worked at different companies that recently went bankrupt…and there’s more.

    • The current chair, David Roberts, was previously the CEO of Gavilan Resources, LLC which filed under Chapter 11 in 2020.

    • Current CFO, Amy Shwartz, previously held the role of CFO at Peabody Energy which filed under Chapter 11 in 2016.

    • Chief Accounting Officer, Scott K. Vopni, previously worked as the CEO of Dean Foods Co. which filed under Chapter 11 in 2019.

    • Board member, John R. Friedery, previously worked at Ball Corporation which was subject to an SEC enforcement action shortly after his tenure.

  • OUTFRONT MEDIA INC ($OUT): Two independent directors held executive positions at companies that subsequently went bankrupt.

    • Peter Mathes (board member since 2014) was the CEO of AsianMedia Group LLC, now defunct.

    • Angela Courtin (board member since 2017) was the CMO at Relativity Media LLC which filed under Chapter 11.

  • ARMOUR RESIDENTIAL REIT INC ($ARR): Two current board members served as the co-chairmen of the now defunct company, FriendFinder. In their words, “FriendFinder was strategically restructured pursuant to a consensual repackaged plan of reorganization in federal bankruptcy court effective in 2013”.

  • SABRE CORP ($SABR): Sabre’s current CEO previously worked at not one but two airlines, both of which went bankrupt.

*The above are highlights. Learn about requesting the full dataset here. No additional analysis has been performed on the above companies.

The full data pull is structured like this:

Interested in exploring more ideas like this? The full data pull is available to premium (tier 2+) Hudson Labs customers. Learn more about ad hoc data requests here.


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