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Management teams with past exposure to a short report or bankruptcy - Hudson Labs datasets

The strength of the management team is important to the success of any company. Evaluating the expertise and integrity of both executives and the board is a core part of any due diligence process. 

Hudson Labs uses proprietary AI to identify the officer and director biographies section of a proxy statement, facilitating unique analysis including the ability to assess whether executives and board members previously worked at companies that went bankrupt or were the subject of a short report.

Coverage universe: U.S issuers filing a DEF 14A (proxy statement)

Coverage initiation date: Jan 1, 2019

Screen for companies with exposed officers and/or directors

Find the mgmt exposure short and mgmt exposure bankruptcy screens on the "Ideas" page of the Hudson Labs platform.

Screen inclusion criteria:

Includes all companies that have filed a DEF 14A (proxy statement) since Jan 1, 2023 AND…

Short exposure: Any director or officer biography discloses previous work experience at a company that matches the Hudson Labs short target list. 


Bankruptcy exposure: The proxy includes disclosure of bankruptcy in relation to a company where any director or officer previously held office.

Data dictionaries:

Past short exposure:

Display name



Summary of the biographies containing the name of a company that was the target of a short report 

Short target 

Name of the company that was the subject of the short report

Short report

Name of the activist with the date of the report, including a link to the original report where it exists. 


Link to the full DEF 14A filing from which the biography was extracted

Past bankruptcy exposure:

Display name



Summary of the disclosures referencing the bankruptcy of a company with which a director or officer was previously engaged


Link to the full DEF 14A filing from which the disclosures were extracted

Important notes: The bankruptcy exposure coverage is dependent on the company disclosing the bankruptcy. The SEC requires that all officers and directors disclose whether they previously worked at a company that went bankrupt within two years of their tenure there. While this disclosure is required, that does not mean it is always done. 

The short report exposure dataset is derived by comparing against an internally compiled list of short reports and their targets starting in 2019, with some coverage going back to 2008 (for major activist firms where historic research is cataloged on their website). 

If you would like to run the Hudson Labs biography dataset against an alternate list of companies, please contact sales. 


Access management past exposure datasets and more on the Hudson Labs platform.  Book a demo today.

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