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The Best Low-Cost Tools for Market and Financial Analysis

Market and financial analysis tools can make a significant difference in your investing and trading performance. High-end software is used by the largest and most successful investing and trading shops worldwide. But not everyone can afford to spend top dollar for market and analysis software. Fortunately, low-cost tools like Yahoo Finance, ROIC and iBorrow desk can supercharge your investment process, without inflating your budget.

This post covers the best low-cost tools for market and financial analysis.


ROIC provides 30 years of financial data and news feed on 7,000 companies. ROIC is free.

Alphabet's financials on the ROIC.AI homepage

YAHOO Finance

Yahoo Finance is a classic. It provides free real-time and historical stock quotes and charting, news etc. While Yahoo may be an oldie, it's good enough to make Herb Greenberg's top picks.

Google Finance

Yahoo Finance's little sister. Google Finance is very similar to Yahoo but lacks some of the bells and whistles.

Free and low cost tools to track short interest


iBorrow Desk is a tool for monitoring borrow rates and availability using Interactive Broker's freely available data.

iBorrow Desk home page

Short Squeeze

ShortSqueeze provides short interest data and related services.


This is not a comprehensive list. but it's a good place to start if you're looking for market and financial analysis on a budget. If you're looking for something even more powerful, check out our post on free and low cost alternatives to Bloomberg.

And if you prefer a computational or quant approach to trading and investing, check out our list of 13 financial APIs that will actually help you invest.


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