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Top 13 Financial APIs That Will Actually Help You Invest

Upated July 21, 2023

Do you prefer to take a data-centric approach to trading or investing? You should consider using Application Programming Interfaces (APIs) to help conduct your analysis. APIs connect multiple computer programs to each other so their specific features can work together without having to fully understand their underlying engineering.

Which APIs you’ll want to use will vary based on your strategy and needs, but the idea is that you can leverage the best features of multiple programs.

The following APIs provide stock price, fundamentals and/or other financial data.

Best API for accessing SEC filings and metadata:

SEC API - SEC API allows you to query the SEC filings corpus in real-time, download filings, access historical metadata etc. EDGAR is no longer very “scrapable” so you can’t replicate the SEC API on your own. SEC API is not affiliated with the Securities Exchange Commission.

Best all-purpose API for alternative data:

Nasdaq Data Link (formerly Quandl) - Quandl provides great APIs for a wide variety of data products, including traditional and alternative data sources.

Best XBRL creation and processing developer tools:

Aspose - Aspose provides .NET, Java, C++ and Python APIs for XBRL processing/creation as well as PDF processing and table extraction.

Services that provide stock price, market and fundamentals data via API include:

If you’re not using APIs to connect your favorite analytical tools, you’re missing out. Up your game with these APIs and unlock new possibilities in your investing or trading strategy.


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