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Customer concentration - Hudson Labs datasets

Depending on a single customer or a small set of customers for the majority of sales comes with risk. Because of the risk associated with customer concentration, public companies are required to disclose the details of any customer dependence in their annual report (10-K).

Hudson Labs provides one of the only databases of customer dependence disclosure across all U.S. issuers. We use advanced, finance-specific AI to identify customer concentration disclosure and update our databases in real-time. Hudson Labs datasets facilitate unique analysis, allowing you to identify companies with unusual customer dependence or track companies with the highest exposure to a particular customer, for instance, Walmart.

Coverage universe: U.S. issuers filing 10-Ks

Coverage initiation date: Jan 1, 2019

Screen for companies with high customer concentration

Find the customer concentration screen on the "Ideas" page of the Hudson Labs platform.

Screen inclusion criteria: Customer concentration disclosure in the most recent 10-K filed since Jan 1st, 2023.

Data dictionary:

Display Name



A summary of the customer concentration disclosure in the company’s most recent 10-K

Filing link

Link to most recent 10-K where the customer concentration was disclosed


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