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Hudson Labs' Forensic Risk Analysis Features

Hudson Labs uses artificial intelligence to read financial text and assess its importance in real-time. We provide machine-learned forensic risk assessment tools and advanced SEC filing navigation.

Hudson Labs' core forensic features with illustrative examples:

1. Machine-learned risk scoring | Anticipate malfeasance before stocks collapse | Illustrated by Cano Health’s current and historical risk scores

Risk score for Cano Health

Find risk score backtesting at

2. Hudson Labs risk impact assessments | The context you need to accurately evaluate risk | Illustrated by Cano Health’s “Bedrock Summary View”

Bedrock impact assessments

3. AI-detected red flags | Never miss price-moving information in SEC filings again | Illustrated by Cano Health’s August, 2021 quarterly filing’s top Hudson Labs red flags

AI-detected red flags

Subsequent to being flagged as very high risk by Hudson Labs, Cano Health lost 90% of its market capitalization, falling from over $12 a share to under $2. Cano Health was forced to restate their financials, including revenue figures, and is now the subject of a class action lawsuit.

Cano Health stock collapse

4. Red flag news | Featuring the highest impact flags extracted from SEC filings | Illustrated by the “Accounting” feed from February 15th, 2023

Red flag news

5. Short idea generation tools | Company screening by risk score, red flag category, market cap, ADV, ratios, and more

Highrisk companies

6. Email notifications | Never miss a red flag hidden in a 10-K again | Illustrated by Amazon's FYE 2022 10-K email notification

Email notifications of new red flags


Find Hudson Labs whitepapers, backtesting & case studies at


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