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Unique Datasets Powered by Hudson Labs AI

Hudson Labs is the only provider of complete and real-time data for a variety of qualitative, corporate data points in the U.S. market. Hudson Labs’ proprietary noise suppression and relevance ranking techniques, coupled with task-specific financial language models, mean we achieve close to 100 percent accuracy on data-extraction and summarization tasks that are impossible for generalist AI systems.

Popular datasets:

Customer concentration.png

Macroeconomic and thematic

  • Recession commentary and expectations

  • AI-related discussion & commentary ↗ - Track how discussion of artificial intelligence in earnings calls has evolved

  • Headcount-related outlook statements e.g. firing, hiring and freeze plans

Risk and due diligence:

AI feeds risk.png

Bespoke data coverage requests


Having trouble getting the information you need using keyword searches or generalist chat bots?

How to access Hudson Labs proprietary datasets:


Access proprietary datasets through:

  1. Hudson Labs Market Intelligence Platform ↗

  2. Data feeds (SFTP transfer)

  3. Ad-hoc data request

Learn more about Hudson Labs datasets or make a request by booking a demo.

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