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Faster decisions + better insights =

AI-driven company research


Understand revenue drivers, business segments, customers, competitors, supply chain and more in an understandable, structured format that is always factual. Learn company basics in minutes instead of hours.


  • Factual AI-generated background memos 

  • Guidance summaries

  • Complete peer and competitor identification, where disclosed

  • Risk assessment and SEC filing red flags

  • And much more - explore Hudson Labs' unique datasets here.

Alpha-generating investment ideas

Uncover ideas that fit your thesis using specialized AI

The best investing ideas cannot be easily translated into a Bloomberg screen. Hudson Labs AI provides a huge edge in performing research on abstract ideas and themes, saving Hudson Labs' customers weeks of research time. 


Sector and macroeconomic insights

Track sector and macroeconomic trends using Hudson Labs. We are the only real-time provider of unique macroeconomic indicators like labour outlook changes by sector. 

Portfolio monitoring

Never miss a red flag again. Hudson Labs AI models flag high impact downside signals, without the boilerplate noise. Our AI models “read” SEC filings, as they are issued, allowing you to sleep better.

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