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Best financial news and newsletter aggregators

Between Twitter, Substack and the news, keeping track of market-moving information can be overwhelming. These tools help bring together everything you need to see in one place.

Harkster - Harkster makes it easy to keep track of all the financial substacks and newsletters. You can view topic-specific newsletter feeds.

The Harkster homepage

PiQSuite - PiQSuite aggregates multiple feeds and news sources including Harkster, top Twitter accounts, Reuters and more.


BoredReading - BoredReading provides a variety of news feeds, including feeds for finance and AI, as well as a 10-K or 10-Q feed, however the feeds appear to be replicating the EDGAR real-time feeds which can be found here.

For more advanced SEC filing tracking and feeds we recommend these tools - "Top SEC filing and Red Flag Services".

The Fly on the Wall - The Fly consolidates and distributes financial news.

Emerging Markets Skeptic - News aggregation for emerging markets.

Commonstock - Commonstock is an online investing community that amplifies insights from top investors, backed by the performance and portfolio in their linked brokerage accounts. It also shows Twitter feeds for top accounts.

Seeking Alpha - Seeking Alpha is a large online investing community. Professional and amateur investors and analysts share new investing ideas, discuss the latest news, debate the merits of stocks etc.

Benzinga - Benzinga is a financial news aggregator and distributor. They are well known for their APIs. Find our list of top financial APIs here.



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