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Top 6 AI tools for summarizing earnings calls

Earnings season can be the most challenging time for equity research analysts and portfolio managers from a time management standpoint. Reviewing 5 or more company calls on any given day can easily swallow hours of time with often little to show. Automating at least parts of the workflow can be an easy way to win some of your time back and focus on what matters.


Here we present a list of tools that offer AI- driven earnings call summaries to make your next earnings season more manageable:

Hudson Labs:  specializes in AI-driven equity research tools and serves clients with over $600 billion in assets under management. HL's models are trained on over 8 million pages of corporate disclosures and has shown to outperform standard AI tools in delivering precise yet concise analysis and insights publicly listed US companies.

Hudson Labs Earnings Transcript Summary

Aiera: is an earnings transcript platform with one-click live audio access, real- time transcription, keyword search, AI-powered Q&A, and advanced summarization tailored to both equity research and corporate clients' use cases.   

Aiera Earnings Transcript Summary

AlphaSense: The company offers earnings call summaries as part of their product suite. The summaries are presented in a bulleted format, ranked by importance, and include clickable citation links for source verification.

AlphaSense Earnings Transcript Summary Tool

ChatGPT -  ChatGPT is the most famous and generalist model that saves people countless hours of menial writing and reading tasks. While it is great for basic tasks and might be able to find the key information you are looking for if you copy and paste the transcript, it leaves a lot to be desired when it comes to working with financial content. Needl’s software helps investors get deeper insights and quick retrieval of important information from call transcripts. The platform enables users to find questions asked by a shareholder or search for particular metrics in a call with a simple search, as well as spot positive and negative sentiments in earnings calls transcripts to make analysis quicker.

Verity Platform: Verity offers a tech product suite that caters to public markets investors. Their GenAI Earnings Transcript Summaries are structured summaries that prioritize guidance, KPIs, and key drivers for companies reporting quarterly earnings. The summaries are generated from VerityData’s proprietary LLM and unique prompts guided by industry-leading investment researchers, resulting in a concise, factual, and unbiased summary for investors.

Verity Data Platform Earnings Summary Tool

Interested in more tools to take your investment analysis workflow to a new level? Check out our other lists of various investment research tools in financial markets:


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