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Use of Data

We use natural language processing and machine learning to facilitate the analysis of disclosures in public company filings and to assess risk, as part of our mission to ensure corporate accountability through transparency.


Our models use data from publicly available sources (via the U.S Securities and Exchange Commission’s Electronic Data Gather, Analysis and Retrieval (EDGAR) system, and Stanford Securities Class Action Clearinghouse) in our models, and retain and process data obtained via EDGAR. These public data sources may contain the full names of individuals and other information that may be considered PII. Bedrock AI reproduces parts of public company filings from EDGAR on our platform and in our datasets. Insofar as such information is published or reproduced by Bedrock AI, it is shown in context from the original filing.


SEC filings are available online through EDGAR starting in 1994, with additional filing documents prior to 1994 available by filing a Freedom of Information Act request. We will not retain public company filings beyond a period for which they are made available to the public by the SEC. If you believe your personal information has been included erroneously, you may contact to request rectification.

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